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About the SWAT Team

The SWAT Team or the

Spiritual Warfare Action

Task Team is the backbone

of the Ministry which 

operates through a

double-prong strategy:

the Operational and the 

Ministerial Wings.


They consists of prayer

warriors who are always

interceding for the ministry,

the outpourers and their

family, the state, the country

and the world as a whole to

prepare the way for the

Second coming of Jesus. 

About the
Worship Directorate

Usually kick-starts our services

by inviting God’s Manifest Presence through Prayer and Worship and preparing the hearts of the people to receive the Word.

We enjoy mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit and experience

miracles during such moments of intimacy with Jesus through Worship. 

Pastor Wanda Manih serves as the Worship Pastor with Pastor Sonia Bhattacharya as the

assistant Worship Pastor. 


Helpers in Society (HIS)

A registered social wing of the

Ministry examines the plight of

the deserving downtrodden and conduct multiple activities to

procure support and succour

through different means every month.


Food grains, blankets and clothing along with monetary aids are distributed freely among the

poorest of the poor in areas where the Lord has been leading us across the nation and the globe.

Ushers and Reception Team

Seating arrangement is provided for the congregation by the Ushers and Reception Department, besides the collection of offerings and the

setting up and pulling down of

equipment for every service week in and week out.

These are the faithful who come in first and leave last for every meeting. 


Media Evangelism Team

Want to be a media missionary?

Join our team! The Media Evangelism Team ministers through the world of

media and ensures that the Gospel is preached to the ends of the earth even

through the air waves. 

This team is headed by our

Media Pastor, Pastor Rap Ryngksai

Videography and Animation Team

Every service, people enjoy Praise and Worship and teachings from the Word of God through visual presentations arranged by the Videography and Animation Department.


If you think that this is something that you would enjoy, get on board. 

Making Music
Sound Board

Technical Team

The team makes sure that any technical glitches are ironed out in time so that the Ministry’s 

programmes can run smoothly without any disturbances.


It apprehends problems before their occurrences 

and takes stock of all

events and equipment in 

the Ministry. 


Every first week of the month the Publication Team meets to compile the monthly newsletter, reporting on the various activities of the Ministry.


This team is also responsible for publishing special reports of various programmes conducted by the Ministry and the Church. 

Notebook and Pen
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Finance Department

This department of the Ministry makes sure that every mission and activity is conducted by faith in Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. We are not endowed by any sponsoring agency or denomination but funds come from the generosity of the Outpourers, their families and our well-wishers. Rigorous accounting and regular auditing is done by staffs who are trained in this procedure. Besides salaries and stipends to staff and volunteers, special love gifts are given monthly to those who have been working for the Ministry and its many projects.

Kingdom Essentials for Younger Souls(KEYS)

KEYS, is a one-on-one mentoring session where we mentor the younger souls in every aspect to live a Kingdom lifestyle.


Our hearts yearn to see the rising of a generation that is thirsty for the Presence of The Lord.

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