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  • David Phanwar


Ankita Sarkar

My father was down with covid. However, my KCC family prayed for his healing on the 16th of June at the Prayer Meeting and on the 17th itself, my dad received a covid negative report! He is now healed and enjoying divine health! Praise Jesus!

Mrs. China Roy Medhi

When a Prophetic Word about the doors of Heaven being opened was released at the Father’s Covering Conference, I heard a loud and thunderous sound of a door being flung open, in my home. My room was suddenly filled with Glory and I felt freedom, joy and health like never before! Praise Jesus!

Dcn. Queency Rasmut

I thank the Lord for healing me from chest pain. In one of our Prayer Meeting, Pastor prayed and released a Word for chest pain. I claim it for myself and I was healed completely, there is no more pain. Praise the Lord!

Pradeep Gogoi

God's plans are very typical yet pertinent. I decided to return to India in 1989 from the United States because I wanted my son Eric to be rooted well while growing up. Frankly I did not wish him to be an ABCD, meaning American Born Confused Desi. I never imagined that Eric was indeed brought to India when he was young precisely to find his roots in the Gospel of Jesus Christ because God's plan was not revealed and His design was not unfolded at that time. However Eric’s walk with the Lord drew me gradually to the truth of who God is. When I was infected with covid and struggling with the pain and suffering, our Pastor assured me that the Lord has a plan and that He will fight to win the war on my behalf. The Lord has indeed won the war for me! Praise Jesus, I am healed. Thank you Pastor, the Church and everyone who prayed over me.

Adora Dkhar

Before the Father's Covering Conference I was really tense as viva exams and test were supposed to happen the week after. I was praying that the Lord will do a miracle because I was not feeling well. I was told by the doctor not to stress and I was also under medication, so I couldn’t study for many days. I thought of not attending the Conference and use the time to study, but then I felt the prompting to attend, which I did. Praise God on the second day of the Conference I got a message that the viva exam was cancelled. I was overwhelmed and filled with joy because the Lord saw my situation and answered my prayer. The internal marks will be taken only from the assignments of which I have already submitted. I learned that by obeying God, miracles will happen. Praise Jesus for His favours and breakthroughs.

Iris Lyngdoh

During the last Prayer Meeting in the month of May, Pastor had release word about covid cases coming down. I got to witness this first-hand in our hospital, where there was a drastic decline of covid cases coming to the ER from the 1st June itself till date. People who were admitted in isolation were healed and discharged from the hospital. It was miraculous and to see people healed and families restored. I can’t help but say, Praise the Lord!

Iba Mukhim

I was battling with panic attacks and anxiety and I thought without medical help it would be impossible to cure. I had attended the Prayer Meeting but did not send any prayer request because I wasn’t hoping for anything at all. But the Father knew everything. He led Pastor to pray and release word of knowledge for freedom over the very problem I was going through. However, after the Prayer Meeting it got even tougher to battle this issue so I spoke to one of the SWAT Member and she assured me to keep praying and trusting God. I did not remember how and when but I found myself free! I am so full of joy and peace. Thank you Jesus for everything and thank you Pastor.


I had given my friend’s name for prayer during one of our Prayer Meetings two weeks back as he had been infected with covid-19. He was admitted to the hospital and kept in the ICU for more than a month as his condition was critical. Miraculously a few days after the Prayer Meeting he was released from the ICU and was kept in the general ward for observation. Praise Jesus! his health kept improving, he has now been discharged from the hospital and recovering at home.

Lizzie & family

In the month of December our mother’s blood sugar level and blood pressure were fluctuating and almost always high. Her sugar level shot up so much one Tuesday evening that she fell down. The next day we sat for the Prayer Meeting and requested prayer for her, Pastor released Word that her pancreas is healed completely. We’ve been going for regular check-ups and monitoring her blood tests daily and amazingly all these tests are all normal ever since. Truly nothing is impossible with Jesus!



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